April 9, 2019
| On 3 years ago

Catch Up Live on Guwahati Teer Result Of April 09, 2019 – Click Here!

By Sonam Singh

Guwahati Teer Result Of April 09, 2019

Teer Lovers! Catch up on Guwahati Teer Result Of April 09. Winning numbers for both the round’s will be announced by Official Teer Authority. First round’s number will be revealed at 03:50 PM followed by Second round’s revelation at 04:25 PM.To keep up with the winning digits, don’t forget to check our website at given time. You can subscribe to our website and we’ll make sure that you do not miss any necessary Teer updates.

In each round, 50 archers fire arrows at the target not less than 300 arrows and not more than 1,000. 5 Teer officials then each count the arrows and take the last two-digits of the number as the round score. If 748 arrows hit the target in round 1, the recorded score is 48.

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We’ll update Round 1 at 03:50 PM and Round 2 will be updated on 04:25 PM.

First Round

Second Round



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