April 26, 2019
| On 3 years ago

Enjoy Your Weekend With Khanapara Teer Result Of April 27, 2019 – Click Here To Know!

By Sonam Singh

Khanapara Teer Result Of April 27, 2019

Enjoy your weekend with Khanapara Teer Result Of April 27. Check out the result of Teer game here, on this website. Official Teer Authority announces the result for both the Teer rounds as soon the rounds end. First round’s number is revealed by 04:00 PM and second round’s numbe is out by 05:00 PM. Each individual can claim their prize for each round if the the number match with the winning number. We are authentic source of Teer news, subscribe to this website to know the latest Teer news.

Teer is a widely played game mostly in north east part of the country but it is gaining its popularity in other states as well. Soon, Teer game is to be recognized internationally too. Be a part of amazing journey of this game. Participate now and win prizes.

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Khanapara Teer Result of April 26, 2019

Khanapara Teer Results

We’ll update Round 1 at 04:00 PM and Round 2 will be updated on 05:00 PM.

First Round

Second Round



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